19 vacation rentals in United Arab Emirates

Villa Mallorca (11-Bedroom Villa)

Frond H - Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

5/5 Excellent 3 Reviews
33 11 0 1428m2

Armani (1-Bedroom Apartment)

Burj Khalifa, 1 Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

0/5 Not Rated 0 Reviews
3 1 0 92m2

Belle Vue (5 Bedroom Penthouse)

Cayan Tower - Marina Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 1 Review
15 5 7 1015m2

Villa Siena (5 Bedroom Villa)

Frond L - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 0 Reviews
15 5 6 7371m2

Villa Malissa (5-Bedroom Villa)

Frond M, Palm Jumeriah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 0 Reviews
15 5 0 623m2

Villa Botanica (8 Bedroom Villa)

HT 6 Lailak1 St - Emirates Hills - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 1 Review
24 8 1 2410m2

Villa Cordoba (8-Bedroom Villa)

Frond N, Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 0 Reviews
24 8 0 1262m2

Villa Neeto (8-Bedroom Villa)

Frond N - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 1 Review
24 8 0 1262m2

Aria Apartment in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

0/5 Not Rated 0 Reviews
6 2 2 105m2


Luxury Explorers Collection has a wide range of luxury villas and apartments in a modern and fresh way that will give you an experience beyond living. Our space is outfitted with comfort and style, be it a quick gateway to a long-term stay, we make sure that you enjoy your vacations to the fullest with our holiday homes....

Signature Amenities

We provide everything to our guests they need for a luxurious stay. Explore all of our signature amenities before choosing the Luxury Explorers Collection for your next stay.

Modern Furniture

You want to stay in a holiday home, but the home is not furnished or the furniture is old or worse, not comfortable? Luxury Explorers Collection provides their guests with fully furnished rental homes to give you a homely feeling. We make sure that our guests don't face any problem, not even with the furnishings.

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Imagine you get a holiday home but the owner wasn't thoughtful enough to provide you a fully stocked kitchen? Luxury Explorers Collection got your back! Whether you want to cook or not, you will have a fully equipped kitchen with all the required kitchen items. Again, Luxury Explorers Collection wants their guests to feel at home.

Fresh Towels and Linen

Wherever you go to stay away from home, hygiene is the most concerning thing for you right? We make sure to cater to our guests with extreme hygiene. We clean our towels and linen before every stay to provide you the best experience staying at our best holiday villas and apartments.

Comfortable Bedding

You were out all day exploring the city, all you want is a comfortable and clean bed. We will provide you with that! Luxury Explorers Collection is all about comfort and cleanliness. We offer a complete range of comfortable beddings so that you can rest well and be ready for the next day.

Signature Toiletries

One of our best amenities is our luxurious toiletries. We hired some of the best interior designers for your comfort. Enjoy a relaxing bath at our signature toiletries to distress yourself in our luxury holiday rentals.

Self-Check-in Process

Who provides you a facility to make you feel like an absolute home? We do that! We make sure our guests feel just like at home. That's why we provide them with an easy self-check-in process and best deals in Dubai for holiday rentals.

24/7 Guest Support

We believe in keeping available for our guests as they could need us at any time. That's why we make sure to be available for our guests round the clock.

Netflix and Smart TV

When you are feeling down and don't want to go out, what do you do? You Netflix and chill right? So we provide you with even that! Just turn on the TV and play anything you like.

Laundry Room

You are away from your home? You don't believe in laundry services, you are running out of clothes, what to do now? We provide you with a full-fledged laundry room so that you can wear your clothes again and again without having to worry about washing them.

Private Pool

Luxury Explorers Collection provides villas with a private pool. That's a treat for your whole family right? Because the water in any form isn't enough! And we get that. We understand to provide you with as many activities as possible.

Private Beach

You get to experience extreme quietness with waves crashing over your feet. Isn't it the best feeling in the world? You will be having an ultimate city break. Luxury Explorers Collection helps you declutter your mind by living in villas and apartments with beautiful scenic views.

Gaming Room

You are staying in a city, you have explored and everything, still you have plenty of time to stay there. You don't know what to do? Don't worry, we have got your back! Most of our holiday rentals are with gaming rooms so that you can enjoy every moment of your stay and don't get bored of your vacations!

Free Wi-Fi

Our high-speed Wi-Fi in each villa is one of the popular amenities. When you are away from your home, you stay concerned whether you'll have a proper Wi-Fi setup or not! Don't get in doubt as we will provide you even with that. We strive to improve our services and understand your needs to satisfy them.

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