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Recognize Your Guests

Our guests come from all around the world but are familiar with some aspects

  • 86% of the bookings are received by our regular guests.

  • Approximately 80% of the bookings are made by families and couples.

  • 60% of the booking enquiries are for properties and not hotels.

  • 80% of the bookings are done for the duration of more than 2 months.

  • 90% of the guests book us for our amazing location with a quiet private beach.

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Your questions answered

How can I set up my property easily?

You can set up your property at Luxury Explorers’ Collection easily.

  • Go to Become A Partner
  • Register Yourself
  • Add photos of your property
  • Check price with others
  • Sync your calendar with the website
  • Tell guests about the essentials and amenities
  • View your place
  • Tell us your availability
  • Promote your villa

How does Luxury Explorers’ work for property owners?

Luxury Explorers’ Collection runs by the agency model – acting as an intermediary between guests who want to make a reservation and the property owners who give their properties for rent.

Luxury Explorers Collection gives you full access of pricing and transparency of your properties. The payment will done through the website platform, in case of any reservation. You only have to pay us when a reservation is booked – no hidden payments or charges are added.

The reservation rate would be paid after the stay or in some cases, a non-refundable payment beforehand. Any reservation or booking done through the platform will immediately be accepted, i.e. you cannot reject the booking, except for certain circumstances.

What are our hospitality standards?

Our hospitality standards include professionalism, personal approach, and proper hygiene. We greet our customers with utmost respect and high-quality service. Our proficient and professional staff will assist you everything you need during your stay. Our consistent service and serene environment will help you relax throughout your holidays.

Our signature amenities will give you the ultimate comfort during your stay. Luxury Explorers’ Collection promises 100% security and privacy for you and your loved ones.

How do I remove a property?

Removing your property is as easy as listing it. You can remove your property with just one click by temporarily disabling your property from rental opportunities. By doing this, the viewers cannot see your listing.

You can also permanently delete your listing from the website. Contact us for further details.